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At InTeleSync, we don't just pack and ship a box to your office. Our comprehensive, consultative approach ensures that your business is getting the right technology, at the right time, and at the right price. Our leadership team has nearly a century of technological and administrative business experience, from our own entrepreneurial endeavors to multi-billion dollar corporations.

We now bring that knowledge and expertise to your business or organization. We'll look at ways of analyzing your processes and seeing how to unify all of your communications to make your company more efficient and ultimately more competitive. 

Cindy Rathburn

Cindy's career began over 30 years ago in the US Navy as an Electronics Technician. Afterwards, she went on to become Marketing Director for MCX in Iwakuni, Japan and then an Organizational Development and Strategic Planning specialist for the Southeastern region of NEXCOM. Those experiences translated into consulting work providing educator training and development and Cindy later became a private Christian school administrator in Florida. During that period many of the families she interviewed for school admission were low-income parents desperate to find a place where their children would succeed academically, but lacking the resources for private school or to move to an area with better public schools. Cindy collaborated with other organizations and legislators to create legislation that would provide low-income children with K-12 scholarship opportunities and to establish and lead the nation’s largest school choice organization, now known as Step Up for Students.

The early years of the scholarship program were rich in scholarship funds but significantly poor in operating funding, so Cindy applied her technological background into finding solutions that would greatly increase operational efficiency and effectiveness at very low costs. This technological creativity put her organization at the cutting edge of administrative solutions, increasing access to information and program productivity for all levels of stakeholders involved, from low-income parents to legislators.

Today, Cindy continues to assist low-income families and the educational community with her non-profit organization Children's Champions. But as one of the founders of InTeleSync, she also invests time and energy in bringing similar creative technological solutions to churches, schools, small businesses, and other nonprofit organizations along with the fiscal stewardship and accountability needed for success in any field.

Mike Rathburn

Mike has had the good fortune and opportunity to work at a very high level as the primary technogeek at some highly successful corporations and organizations. The first decade of his career was spent catapulting large corporations into the new information age of the 90's and the birth of the internet as we know it in the 2000's. He has literally touched every aspect of technology from the PC's to the networks to the server farms to the telecommunications.

Application software and database development is his core competency. Thus in 2003 he launched his first entrepreneurial endeavor in Data Do IT, Inc. There as a consultant/developer he created many large web-based software applications supporting hundreds of thousands of users in both the public and private sectors. One of those projects included building the technology infrastructure and information policies that supports the Corporate Tax Credit Scholarship Program in Florida.

Understanding that communications as we know it is morphing right before our eyes from disparate hardware-based solutions to more software and social media based delivery models, Mike, along with his partners, decided to create InTeleSync, LLC. to capitalize on his strengths in internet application development. Phone systems are now internet applications. and the expertise to help make this transition isn't going to come from a bell head, but rather from a software developer.

Tracy Rathburn

Tracy is part owner and primary advisory board member of InTeleSync, LLC. She has over 30 years of professional experience with Fortune 100 corporations, the last decade of which is with Oracle in their cloud-managed solutions division. She brings not only the financial backing but the corporate expertise required to help a telecommunications company succeed.

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Finishing 6 months of service with InTeleSync! The equipment and digital infrastructure is exceptional! The only thing that outpaces their systems is their customer service! I have never experienced service likes this from any IT vendor and we all benefit from it. Thanks InTeleSync!

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