Communicator Mac Installation

Communicator is desktop software specifically designed to work with your InTeleSync phone service. You can use it as an enhancement to your desk phone, or even as a phone all by itself.

Download Communicator for Mac



You’ll notice the app downloading in your lower taskbar.






After downloaded, choose it from the Downloads folder.






 This will open up the Communicator folder.












Double click the Communicator icon to run the application. Choose Open. Choose ‘Don’t ask again…’ if you don’t want to see this

message again.










You’ll know the application is running when you see the icon in the taskbar. At this point you may also want to put a shortcut icon on your desktop by going into your Applications folder, click and hold the Communicator icon and drag to your desktop.





You should now be presented with the Profile Wizard for setting up your account.















Enter a Profile name. Can be anything.
















Enter your email address and your temporary password given to you by either InTeleSync or your system administrator.















Choose Advanced and enter your Login server. This is provided to you by either InTeleSync or your system administrator.















After logging in for the first time, you’ll be presented with a popup to set your new permanent password. Enjoy the Communicator app!


Communicator Mac Installation