Just like any corporation, a school needs a phone system. Administrative phones will function and be used differently from classroom phones, or even phones for the cafeteria, gym, daycare, etc. Additionally, InTeleSync is also the phone service, meaning we provide the actual dialtone. This will equate to significant cost savings over traditional analog phone service from the phone or cable company. Because the phones are cloud-based, with no single point of failure, calls will always work even during the harshest conditions such as hurricanes and power outages. InTeleSync will automatically answer and forward incoming calls to your chosen destination such as an auto attendant, cell phone, etc.


School networks are much more complicated than your typical company network. Schools need not just connectivity, but also the utmost security and privacy. Modern school networks will be comprised of the administrative computers and devices separated from the student lab computers and student devices (smart phones, wrist watches, etc.). The campus surveillance cameras will be isolated and protected. The phones will be isolated and protected. The door access control systems will be isolated and protected. InTeleSync will also monitor and maintain your internet connection and routers, with built-in virus and malware protection, along with content filtering capabilities to keep your school's virtual presence protected.


A school's wireless network isn't like the wireless network in your house. School wifi needs to accommodate literally hundreds, if not thousands, of various computers and devices. The wifi network needs to be smart enough to effectively manage the demands that will be placed upon it by all of these connections. With load balancing, bandwidth steering, and auto discovery, the school will have a seamless meshed network, campus-wide. Isolated wifi networks for the staff, students, and computer labs are the norm, with bandwidth scheduling and throttling to make sure the people that need internet the most are prioritized.


Camera and surveillance technology is radically different (and better) than just a few years ago. Cameras are now a part of your overall school's IP network infrastructure - no longer isolated with it's own wires and set of infrastructure hassles. Some are even wireless, along with super high definition display capabilities. School surveillance systems are now accessible, without the wire, from any computer or smart phone securely attached to the network. Cameras can also be fully integrated into your phone and paging systems for two-way audio and alerting capabilities.


Overhead paging and school bell systems can now be integrated into a school's advanced IP network, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional analog systems. Pages can be two-way, and played across existing speakers, along with playing across IP phones. School bells and even pre-built audio files and music can be played across the paging system and phones. With near unlimited zones (admin, classes, outside, etc.), an IP/network paging system ensures clear, reliable communications across your entire campus.

Access Control

Door panels around the exterior of your school will help secure your campus. Door panels are now part of the school's greater IP network, and can be directly integrated with your phones, surveillance cameras, and even paging system for audio alerts. Key cards and fobs can be programmed and synchronized for staff and students, along with security codes for accessibility and logging.

Voice/Text Broadcasting

Send out broadcast voice and text/SMS messages to your parents and students using your school's phone line. Manage your list of contacts, groups, and even saved or stored voice or text messages, and then schedule in advanced when to send out. Also available are automatic keyword responses, such as "Text LUNCH to receive today's lunch menu". Responses can be managed from any native mobile phone text app (no third party software required), and there is even an online chat feature.


Faxing is an integral part of any school administrator's requirements, and it isn't going away anytime soon. Send and receive faxes from a fax machine. Send and receive faxes directly to and from your email. Send and receive faxes directly to your desktop via our available desktop applications. The choice is your's. Additionally, all faxes are encrypted during transmission, meaning personal student and parent information is protected and secured.

InTeleSync specializes in providing the right services at deep discounts to K-12 private schools. We are a one-stop shop for all of your school's networking and communications needs, and our staff has many years of experience working for and with private schools of all sizes, denominations and affiliations.