Cloud-Based Phone System

World class, award winning phone system software. Eliminate the hassle and costs of on-premise equipment and put your phones in the cloud for unparalleled reliability, performance and value. InTeleSync has the experience and expertise to make the switch a seamless and near transparent process.

Fully Hosted Solutions

The same reliable phone and voice services provided by InTeleSync also applies to the remote hosting of your e-mail and website. We will reliably and securely host your e-mail services and your websites in the same enterprise-grade platform that your phones are hosted in. A single-source contact with InTeleSync keeps things simple and easy.

Managed Networking

InTeleSync will fully manage your computer network from end-to-end, ensuring incomparable reliability and security that today's hi-tech environments require. We will protect and secure your network at the point of entry utilizing industry standard best practices, software, and hardware to ensure your uninterrupted business continuity.