Cloud-Based Phone Systems

World class, award winning phone system software. Eliminate the hassle and costs of on-premise equipment and put your phones in the cloud for unparalleled reliability, performance and value. InTeleSync has the experience and expertise to make the switch a seamless process. We're not resellers. We are the phone company!

Managed Networking and WiFi

InTeleSync will fully manage your computer network from end-to-end, ensuring incomparable reliability and security that today's hi-tech environments require. We will protect and secure your network at the point of entry utilizing industry standard best practices, software, and hardware to ensure your uninterrupted business continuity.

IP Cameras and Surveillance

Advanced and affordable IP camera systems for monitoring and protecting your business, organization, church or school. Utilizing open standards technology, these cameras allow for local, remote, and secure accessibility and monitoring without the need for proprietary hardware and software.