The Infrastructure

Nearly all of InTeleSync’s technology runs upon the Amazon Web Services infrastructure. AWS powers about 50% of the worldwide cloud, with the likes of Netflix, NASA, GE, Comcast, and countless others relying upon their global network. It makes absolutely no sense for InTeleSync to try and compete and/or recreate that wheel. The planet’s best engineers have built the AWS infrastructure to be elastic, resilient, redundant, and super fast, which makes for impeccable phone quality for InTeleSync customers.

The Platform

Asterisk is a VoIP software implementation of a telephone private branch exchange (PBX), created by Mark Spencer and supported and maintained by Sangoma Technologies. It is estimated that around 75% of all Voice over Internet Protocol PBXes deployed in the world are powered by Asterisk. Running upon the Linux operating system, Asterisk provides ultra reliable call processing capabilities. Advanced call distribution, IVR’s and auto attendants, voicemail, etc. are all controlled by the Asterisk PBX platform.

The Software

PBXware is the front-end user interface to InTeleSync phone systems. Since 2003, it has evolved and matured into a premier software application suite, utilizing multiple open-source technologies to provide a highly capable, scalable, reliable and secure telephony solution. It is built upon open standards software such as MySQL/MariaDB, PHP, Jabber, along with a RESTful API for interactions with many popular cloud services such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google, and OpenCNAM to name a few.

The Carriers

InTeleSync is carrier agnostic, with many incumbent and competitive local exchange carriers, wholesalers and resellers in our network of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) options. A customer’s selected carrier will be chosen based on features, volume, pricing and capacity. API integrations with all of our carriers and their underlying carriers allows InTeleSync to provide a single interface for managing all aspects of your phone lines and numbers, including procurement, provisioning and reporting.

InTeleSync is also one of the few Internet Telephony Service Providers that will allow customers to bring their own carrier, and will adjust our per-seat pricing to you accordingly.

The Integrations

This is the magic glue that separates InTeleSync from all of the others. Any software service that has an Application Programming Interface can be integrated with the InTeleSync platform. That’s because we don’t use someone else’s software to manage our backoffice and customer interfacing portals, but rather our own in-house coded applications. This allows InTeleSync to quickly and accurately make fixes and enhancements to meet our customer’s needs.