Cisco Call Manager Conversion

Licenses are up for renewal again. The very last thing you really want to worry about in your ultra-busy IT world are your phones. Yet, you’ve received the dreaded notification that your Call Manager licenses have expired, and you need to upgrade or your world will come to an end. Worse even, the hardware that your Call Manager is running on is also at End-Of-Life, subject to a complete melt-down any day now.

Now wait a minute, you say! It was only about 5 years ago that you spent over $150,000 on this shiny, state-of-the-art Cisco behemoth. It still rings. It still works [mostly]. I mean, yeah, can’t really program it. Still paying for the T1’s and PRI’s and TDM and Centrex lines. That can’t change, right? Maybe even have some SIP trunks now, so we’re hip, right?

Look at the software upgrade costs on a typical 100-seat system:

UC Manager Enhanced Licenses – $11,000

One Unity Connection Licenses – $4,500

CUWL Standard Licenses – $20,000

Total Licenses – $35,500

But wait, there’s more! You’ll need new hardware to run all this on of course. So with new hardware and applicable additional licenses required for the virtual machine services you’re easily looking at another $10,000. Battery backups perhaps? Tack on another $1,000.

These are just actual, monetary costs flying from your pocket to the pocket of Cisco and your Cisco partners. This doesn’t take into account your time resources, the coordination, the trouble, the in-house staff labor. Again, the line costs, those T1’s, those PRI’s, those SIP trunks, they’re still there.

The list, the ongoing cost, quite literally, goes on and on and on.


Fortunately, there is good news! You see, the phones, the actual Cisco phones such as the 7940’s, 7960’s, etc., are still usable. Barring any cracked screens, or sticky buttons, etc., they can still work on a non-Cisco Call Manager platform.

InTeleSync has the know-how and expertise to reprogram and reprovision the Cisco handsets to work on the InTeleSync cloud-based infrastructure.

You’ll find your communications platform to:

* Have more features
* Be more reliable
* Be more redundant
* Be less Expensive. MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE.

InTeleSync has personnel with Cisco certifications and decades of experience in managing Call Manager and applicable components.  This level of knowledge and expertise allows us to make your conversion from proprietary, ridiculously expensive Cisco confinements to our open source, secure, deep level accessibility of your communications platform hassle free.


Cisco Call Manager Conversion
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