OBiHai Analog Telephone Adapters

OBiHai Analog Telephone Adapters


With OBi analog telephone adapters, you are in control of your communications life. From OBi's on-board connections as well as via the Internet, you have the power to leverage mobile, fixed line and Internet telephone services to their maximum value for your business. The OBi devices are stand-alone, purpose-built products with a high-performance “system on a chip” platform to ensure high-quality voice conversations. Every OBi device has high availability and reliability. It is 'always-on' to make or receive a call. With every OBi device, a computer is not required and a computer does not need to be on to talk on the phone or use the OBi's powerful call routing features. To get started, all you need is a phone, power and a connection to the Internet.

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Keep your existing phones and PBX!

The OBiHai Analog Telephone Adapter replaces your phone company’s hard lines or your cable company’s analog telephone adapter, allowing you to connect your existing phone system directly to InTeleSync in order to leverage savings of up to 50% or more!

The adapter will typically install in your phone closet, and only needs a single ethernet wire to your internet connection or modem/router. With auto Quality of Service (QoS) and voice prioritization, you will be assured of the best voice call quality possible. The adapter can be installed in parallel to your existing network router, thus no special configuration required on your existing network.

Also, unlike the analog telephone adapter you get from your cable company, all phone lines in an OBiHai adapter are also considered extensions, just like in your PBX. So all the features you get from a typical VoIP line are also available in an analog telephone adapter line. Since a line in the adapter is also an extension, you have the ability to run a hybrid environment where some phones are on your old PBX, while integrated with new InTeleSync VoIP phones.

Perfect for transitioning from analog to VoIP without the extra costs of buying new phones!


OBiHai Analog Telephone Adapters