My Caller ID is Showing the Wrong Name

There are two sides to a Caller ID - the side sending the call and the side receiving the call. When you dial out from your InTeleSync phone line, we will send your registered Caller ID Name and Number, which will look something like: JOHN SMITH <7185551234>. If the call is to another customer on the InTeleSync nationwide network, then there is a 100% certainty that the receiver of the call will indeed see the correct Caller ID Name and Number on their phone.

The problems occur when the call has to hop from the InTeleSync network to another network on the receiving end, such as to an AT&T land line or a Comcast cable line. All legitimate phone service providers are supposed to register their customer's Caller ID Name and Number with a national database or repository. It may be to a database which then synchronizes with another database, but ultimately most all registrations end up in the Neustar database or similar. When telephone carriers receive calls into their networks (ie: A call originating from an InTeleSync phone line and terminating to an AT&T phone line), they "should" look into this repository in real-time for the Caller ID Name based on the number being sent to them.

Not all telephone carriers look into a national repository each and every time a call comes into their network! The reasons vary, but primarily some telephone carriers will not do a real-time lookup due to cost savings. They'll typically download and synchronize with their own internal database on a periodic basis. Some are even notorious for going years without refreshing their databases. Unfortunately, there is no governance or oversight or requirements for telephone carriers to keep an accurate, up-to-date database, nor any requirement to do a real-time lookup (CNAM dip).

InTeleSync believes in taking care of their customers on an unprecedented level that quite simply is hard to find in the age-old telecommunications industry. The old bell heads from the last 100 years are having a hard time updating their business models around the Voice over Internet Protocol advancements of today's world. InTeleSync, for each and every call coming into it's network, will do a live, real-time Caller ID Name (CNAM) lookup. The service we use is the world's largest maintainer of caller names and numbers. InTeleSync spends thousands of dollars for this live service and our customers.

Click here to enter your telephone number to see what a real-time lookup of your name should be.

The value you return from the above is the value that SHOULD BE displayed on the receiver's phone. If it is not, then the receiver's phone company is not playing nice and they're trying to save a buck. About the only way to remedy this problem is for the person receiving the wrong information on their phone to call their own phone company and make them aware of the inaccuracy. InTeleSync cannot legally make that request for someone else's phone services provider. What we can suggest is to remind the old bell heads that there are better, modern, more robust solutions available at a fraction of the cost, and have the recipient of your call sign up with InTeleSync. We would love to have them!

Important note: Cell phones do NOT pass Caller ID names! If you see a name on an incoming call on your cell phone, it is because you have that person/name in your phone's contact list.

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