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Email to Fax 

InTeleSync has the ability to email a message with attachments to a fax machine. With the applicable account permissions, it's as easy as a few simple steps: To: From: This needs to be an authorized sender email address on your InTeleSync account Subject: The 10-digit U.S. fax number to send to (If you would like to send the body of the email message as a cover page, then enter  ...

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Parking a Call 

Parking a call is a common feature of PBX systems for which a caller can be placed on hold and picked up from another phone. This could also be referred to as Call Camping. To park a call on an InTeleSync phone system, while on a call you should see on your phone a soft key on the display called Park. Simply press that button and you should hear a response such as "Seven zero one" or "Seven zero t ...

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Call Forwarding 

Calls ringing into your InTeleSync extension can be forwarded elsewhere such as to another extension, queue or auto attendant on your phone system or to an external phone number.Set a Number to Call Forward ToThe first step needed is to set the number that you will be forwarding to. From your InTeleSync phone dial *59 and follow the prompts for entering a forward number. You can enter another exte ...

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Do Not Disturb - DND 

Setting your InTeleSync phone extension or phone line to Do Not Disturb will send incoming calls directly to your voicemail (if activated), or tell the caller that you're unavailable.Most phones will have a hard button for DND. On Yealinks it'll typically be on one of the soft keys along the bottom of the home screen. On Grandstreams it will be the hard Pause button or a soft key along the bottom  ...

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