Call Forwarding

Calls ringing into your InTeleSync extension can be forwarded elsewhere such as to another extension, queue or auto attendant on your phone system or to an external phone number.

Set a Number to Call Forward To

The first step needed is to set the number that you will be forwarding to. From your InTeleSync phone dial *59 and follow the prompts for entering a forward number. You can enter another extension number on your system such as 100 for extension 100, or enter any North American number such as 1-555-555-5555. Once this number is defined you do not need to set it again later, unless you want to change it.

Enable/Disable Call Forwarding

Once the forward-to number has been defined, you can toggle it on and off by dialing *58 from your phone. You will hear either "Call forward unconditional activated" or "Call forward unconditional deactivated".

Single Step Call Forwarding

To enable call forwarding immediately to a number, you can bypass both steps above and enter *58* + forward-to number, such as *58*100 to send all calls to extension 100 or *58*15555555555 to send all calls to phone number 1-555-555-5555. When you hang up call forwarding will be enabled accordingly. To disable dial *58

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