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InTeleSync has the ability to email a message with attachments to a fax machine. With the applicable account permissions, it's as easy as a few simple steps:


From:  This needs to be an authorized sender email address on your InTeleSync account

Subject:  The 10-digit U.S. fax number to send to

(If you would like to send the body of the email message as a cover page, then enter the words "cover page" in the subject line after the 10-digit fax number. Example Subject: 3862467334 cover page)

Body: Will be ignored, unless you would like to use as a cover page.

Attachment(s):  Just about any file type is allowed. All attached files will be converted to a single PDF before sending. The cumulative size of the file attachments cannot exceed 10Mb. That is the limitation of most e-mail servers.

Upon submission you'll receive via email a reply with a confirmation or rejection notice, if requested in your account settings.

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InTeleSync is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions. Extra benefits include managed and secured networking and wireless connectivity. All customers of InTeleSync will receive personalized, on-site consultation and training by actual, real-life people.

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