Star / Access Codes


*123 Check voicemail from phone's extension.
*124 Check voicemail of any extension from any phone.
*125 Transfer straight to voicemail. Usage details here.


*204 Agent pause.
*205 Agent not ready.

Enhanced Services

*149 Last caller.
*199 Monitoring.
*500 Monitoring conferences.

Speakerphone Paging

*399 Speakerphone page all extensions assigned per user's group.
*400 Page a single extension. ie: *400 + Extension number.
*400* Speakerphone barge. ie: *400* + Extension number for a two-way conversation.


*130 Speed dial.
*188 Other networks.
*170 Listen to CDR recordings.

Call Forwarding

*71 Enable call forwarding.
*72 Disable call forwarding.

Group Hunt

*78 Enable Do Not Disturb.
*79 Disable Do Not Disturb.
*510 Enable Group Hunt.
*511 Disable Group Hunt.

Caller ID

*67 Block caller ID.
*81 Block caller ID once.
*68 Disable caller ID.

System Tests

*388 Play music on hold.
*398 Echo audio read.


*301 Record a greeting.
*302 Record an agent greeting.
*303 Record a queue interrupt message.

Operation Times

*401 Open operation times.
*402 Close operation times.

Follow Me

*520 Enable follow me.
*521 Disable follow me.

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