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Checking Voicemail 

To check your own voicemail from your phone, dial *97 or press the envelope or message button on your phone, then follow the prompts for entering your PIN. To check your voicemail from any other phone in your office, dial *98, then follow the prompts to enter the extension number and PIN. You can also check voicemail by logging into your Hosted PBX web interface, if enabled for your extension. ...

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Transfer a Call to Voicemail 

To transfer an active call to someone else's voice mailbox, while on the call choose the Transfer button on your phone and dial *95* + Extension Number. You may also see soft buttons on your screen for Blind and Attended; may also show B Transfer or A Transfer (for blind or attended respectrively) or simply Transfer. Choose Blind or B Transfer. You can also just hang up your handset after doing th ...

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